Welcome to Root to Rise Wellness Center, where holistic well-being meets cosmic wisdom. In this transformative period marked by the New Moon in Pisces on March 9th, 2024, our in-house Energy Worker, Shannah Warwick, extends an invitation to explore celestial energies, release emotions, and embrace renewal.


The Cosmic Dance: New Moon in Pisces – March 9th, 2024

On March 9th, the New Moon in Pisces aligns with daylight savings, creating the celestial spectacle known as the Worm Moon—the brightest and fullest supermoon of the year. Pisces, a mutable water sign, embodies dreaminess, imagination, and emotional fluidity. As we prepare for the upcoming eclipse season, this is a pivotal time for introspection and emotional clarity.

Leading with the Heart: A Time for Emotional Release

Pisces’ influence encourages leading with the heart, making this New Moon an ideal occasion for a full emotion release and energy clearing. Shannah suggests focusing on clearing heavy emotions such as grief and sadness, allowing space for renewed clarity and positivity.

Practical Steps for Emotional Release:

As we navigate the cosmic currents, Shannah Warwick provides practical steps for emotional release:

  1. Morning Pages Practice: Channel the wisdom of The Artist’s Way by engaging in a week-long Morning Pages practice. Each morning, awaken your creativity by journaling three pages, clearing your mind, and making space for fresh perspectives.
  2. Altar Alchemy: Transform your sacred space by clearing and redoing your altar. Infuse it with symbols of release and expansion, such as crystals or new mantras. This intentional act creates a visual representation of your journey toward emotional freedom.
  3. Musical Release: Dedicate a practice space or time in your schedule to play 2-3 emotionally resonant songs. Allow the music to evoke and release buried emotions, fostering a cathartic experience for your soul.
  4. Heartfelt Connection: Reach out to a trusted friend, sharing the heaviness you may be carrying. A supportive conversation can provide valuable insight and emotional release, creating a space for shared healing.
  5. Nature’s Healing Walk: Take a long walk in nature, allowing the soothing rhythm of your steps to harmonize with the transformative energy of the New Moon. Nature’s embrace can be a powerful ally in releasing emotional burdens.

Shannah’s Guidance: Your Compass in the Cosmic Currents

For personalized support and guidance during this transformative period, schedule a session with Shannah Warwick HERE. Root to Rise Wellness Center provides a safe space for your emotional exploration, clearing, and renewal.

Preparing for Growth: Set Intentions and Embrace Change

As you prepare for the approaching spring, mark March 9th as a pivotal date for setting intentions. Incorporate these practices into your routine to align your spirit and make room for growth. Root to Rise invites you to embrace change, release emotions, and navigate the cosmic currents with purpose.

Explore the depths of emotion, and welcome the transformative energy of the New Moon in Pisces. “Learn to swim” in the cosmic currents and navigate the depths of your emotions. Embrace the transformative energy of the New Moon in Pisces at Root to Rise, where wellness meets cosmic wisdom.