“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Seeking primary care is the foundation of health maintenance. We strive to help build a strong foundation, built for years of health. As primary care providers we promote screenings such as blood pressure, weight, and routine physicals, as well as specialized screenings including pap smears, clinical breast exams, and for sexually transmitted infections.
Maintaining health is more than simply having an absence of abnormal symptoms. It is seeking to promote the best health possible by identifying possible issues long before they become problematic. Identifying these and taking action can reduce, delay, and even prevent otherwise serious healthcare problems. We work with individuals to make a plan that can happen within the context of your life- which is understandably complex and unique.


  • physical exams
  • laboratory testing
  • gynecological care
  • nutrition and weight
  • mental health
  • substance use disorder treatment
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • house calls
  • medical marijuana consultations
  • chronic disease management
  • family planning
  • menopause support
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • birth control
  • …and so much more!

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a form of complementary primary care that follows the philosophy of using the least invasive and most effective treatments as possible. Trained for four years of naturopathic medical school in disease pathology, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, and pharmaceutical and natural therapies primarily focused on chronic disease, Naturopathic Doctors are an asset to both the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic and complex concerns. As doctors that take a multi-systems approach, their diagnostic and treatment skills are beneficial for conditions ranging from autoimmune conditions, psychiatric issues, digestive problems, and other chronic diseases, to vague symptoms like fatigue and headaches. As experts in natural therapies, Naturopathic Doctors are primarily utilized for their ability to create treatment plans and long term health solutions with the least amount of side effects to patients. Naturopathic Doctors are being recognized as an important role on any integrative healthcare team and are beneficial to the long term health and wellness to anyone suffering from chronic symptoms and disease.


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga has many mental and physical benefits including reduction in chronic pain, providing improved strength, flexibility and balance. Other benefits include improved stress management, better sleep and relaxation. Also indicated for symptom relief from various mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance abuse. Please stay tuned for more information on this beautiful mind-body therapy for improved quality of life.


Reiki is an alternative medicine therapy which originated in Japan. Patients claim that reiki helps reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue, depression, and improves sleep. Many people find energy healing to be a nice addition to their wellness regimen. Various local healers will be offering this healing modality.


Root to Rise will be offering guided meditation by various local healers to help foster mindfulness-based practice. Adopting a meditation practice has many proven benefits including stress reduction and better sleep. In addition, improved mood, patience and creativity with increased self-awareness by living mindfully in the present.

Nutrition Classes

Gatherings will be offered in the upcoming months of nutrition guidance for optimal health. Root to Rise believes firmly in the famous quote by Greek physician Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

On-Site Herbalist

Root to Rise will be collaborating with local organic medicine farms as well as online botanicals to provide herbal medicine. Eventually, on-site natural apothecary will be an offering