Tess Interlicchia of Root To Rise Wellness
Jennifer Share

Jennifer is a Nurse Midwife- meaning “with woman”- caring for women from puberty through the lifespan of menopause and beyond. Her core belief is that holistic care includes every aspect of a woman, as an individual as well as in the context of all life factors. Women are essential to families and communities, unfortunately this concept has been marginalized for generations and she sees woman-care as fundamental to a healthy, functioning society.

Jen has focused on women’s health starting with her entry to nursing in 2002. An epiphany during the family health unit spurred a life goal to become a holistic advanced practice provider for women and their families. She recognized that women’s physiology is miraculous and awe-inspiring, not something to fear or have shame over as we are so often made to feel.

Trained as a Certified Nurse Midwife, she was invited to join the Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society of Nursing for excellence in academic performance during her education and completed a Master’s in Nurse Midiwfery through Frontier Nursing University.

Tess Interlicchia of Root To Rise Wellness

Tess Interlicchia is a board-certified nurse practitioner. She started her 25-year-long career at the age of 16 by caring for the elderly. Tess went on to complete her registered nursing degree by the age of 22 and worked in various areas of nursing. She then went on to receive a master of science in nursing at Frontier Nursing University. She has worked in many diverse areas including home health care, family medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, psychiatry, geriatrics, community health, addictions medicine, weight loss, nutrition, pain management, and functional medicine. She is currently pursuing her post-graduate degree in psychiatry.

She is thrilled to be bringing Root to Rise Wellness Center to Corning, NY to provide an integrative medicine approach to wellness for her community. Her training over the past 25 years within rural communities has ignited her passion to bring quality health care to her patients. Tess has a tremendous love for natural medicine, wellness and spirituality. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her children, cooking, yoga, and caring for her plants and animals on her farm.

Tess Interlicchia of Root To Rise Wellness
Dr. Sara Marchese
Dr. Sara Marchese ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor that focuses on integrating tailored natural treatments directed at the root cause of illness. Through the addition of sustainable changes, she helps each individual reach their optimal state of health so they can achieve their goals and live their best life. Naturopathic Medicine is a form of complementary primary care that follows the philosophy of using the least invasive and most effective treatments as possible. Trained for four years of naturopathic medical school in disease pathology, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, and pharmaceutical and natural therapies primarily focused on chronic disease, Naturopathic Doctors are an asset to both the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic and complex concerns. As doctors that take a multi-systems approach, their diagnostic and treatment skills are beneficial for conditions ranging from autoimmune conditions, psychiatric issues, digestive problems, and other chronic diseases, to vague symptoms like fatigue and headaches. As experts in natural therapies, Naturopathic Doctors are primarily utilized for their ability to create treatment plans and long term health solutions with the least amount of side effects to patients. Naturopathic Doctors are being recognized as an important role on any integrative healthcare team and are beneficial to the long term health and wellness to anyone suffering from chronic symptoms and disease.
Tess Interlicchia of Root To Rise Wellness
Michelle Tilden
Michelle opened a small studio within her home in Montour Falls called Dragonfly Soul Craft. Within this space she created a place of safety, love and non-judgment, to provide healing and insight using meditation, yoga, and Reiki. Her passion is to bring the community together to establish solid relationships, support and connection.

Michelle is a light worker, wife and mother. After years of searching, she finally connected to her soul purpose. She attended her first yoga class over 15 years ago, and truly fell in love with the way it helped her connect to her inner-self. At that time she didn’t realize how far this passion would take her. She then became a certified Reiki Master Practitioner in January 2018, and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher in April 2019. She most recently earned her 300 hour certification in Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, Enneagram and Lunar Wisdom. She has also completed a 20 hour Business of Healing Arts, and a 20 hour Adjustments and Assist for yoga teachers. In addition, she earned a 200 hour teaching certification for meditation, mindfulness, and Qigong, all of these trainings and accomplishments have been with Yoga Farm in Ithaca NY. She plans to continue furthering her education with Kundalini Rebirthing Certification as well as Ayurveda Wellness Coach Certification over the course of 2022.

In her free time, she loves to explore hiking trails, waterfalls, gorges, and lakes, often bringing yoga and meditation outside connecting the beauty of the Finger Lakes and holistic healing together. She enjoys exploring and adventuring with her daughter, Lindsay and husband, Brian.

“Mindfulness is paying attention to our experience in a way that allows us to respond rather than react.”

Emily Smith of Corning Root To Rise
Emily has nearly 20 years experience working in the health care field in a variety of capacities. She joins Roots to Rise Wellness Center with a wealth of knowledge in the area of health education, chronic disease prevention, behavior change and motivational interviewing, and treatment adherence. Emily has her Master’s degree in Public Health and is currently working toward her 200 YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) and has experience in herbal medicine making and moonlights as a farm hand at a local orchard. Emily is also a diabetes educator and helps guide patients with harm reduction and chronic disease self management. Emily worked for Southern Tier Aids Program and worked exclusively with the LGTBQIA community. Most recently, Emily was involved in the NYS Department of Health Contact Tracing Initiative as the regional trainer for the Southern Tier.
Emily Smith of Corning Root To Rise
Kara Timmins, clinical herbalist, has a deep history and love of working with herbs. First introduced to wild herbs in the meadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico over 20 years ago, she began eating wild foods, identifying, and gathering medicinal herbs. From these initial experiences a lifelong herbalist was born! She has apprenticed with several herbalists and organic growers across US and Canada including The National Center for Preservation of Native Medicinal Herbs in Rutland, Ohio where she studied endangered (at risk) native medicinal herbs. She completed a 4-year Clinical Herbal Therapy program at Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, Canada with over 500 clinic hours working in herbal consultation clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto. Following a desire to truly understand human physiology and then pathology, she continued her studies, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, both at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Since graduating in 2007, she has worked at a hospitals in Syracuse, Cortland and Montour Falls with multiple physicians and surgeons covering Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Currently she works as a health care provider at Cornell University and created an herbal pharmacy for students at Cornell’s Ithaca campus pharmacy in collaboration with a local herb farm, Healing Spirits, and the lead pharmacist. She previously worked part-time with Dr. NasriGhaly at an integrative psychiatric practice in Syracuse, NY specializing in herbal therapeutics, vitamin deficiencies and lifestyle changes as an integrative approach to mental health.
In October 2011 she created ApotheKara, an herbal apothecary and integrative health clinic in Ithaca, NY. Then in 2020, she created an online platform and podcast, Herb-Therapy and Herbal Care Rap. She specializes in herbal health education and consultation. She utilizes her knowledge in medical and herbal pharmacology, herbal therapeutics, and nutrition to support each client with a unique approach specific to their needs and health goals. She has a solid understanding of both western medicine and herbal therapy.