“Resonance Realigned: Journeying to Wellness with Tuning Fork Healing”

Discover the profound world of tuning fork healing with Tracy Daggett, our dedicated practitioner from Mandala Blossoms. Delve into Tracy’s journey, exploring various modalities since 2007 and now specializing in tuning forks and sound vibrational healing.

Tuning Fork Healing Session with Tracy Daggett

The Healing Power of Tuning Forks:

Extensive research supports the efficacy of tuning forks in stress reduction, pain alleviation, addiction support, trauma release, and detoxification. Tracy’s sessions, available on Thursdays, evenings, and weekends, offer a transformative experience.

Balancing Frequencies:

Tuning forks, working on different hertz levels, provide targeted healing to specific body parts. Tracy employs the Fibonacci sequence of tuning forks to balance the nervous system and enhance creativity. Experience relief from physical pain by using tuning forks on cramped muscles or sore joints.

A Personal Experience:

Our energy healer, Shannah Warwick, underwent a session with Tracy, finding deep relaxation and gaining insightful revelations about her physical and energetic body. Tracy’s tuning fork sessions resonate on profound levels, harmonizing the well-being and retuning the body.

Your Journey to Harmony:

Root to Rise Wellness Center embraces the healing potential of tuning forks, offering a holistic approach to well-being. Join us on this journey of unlocking harmony, where Tracy’s expertise and the therapeutic vibrations of tuning forks create a symphony of wellness for your mind, body, and spirit.

Email Tracy at Mandalablossoms@gmail.com