In the rhythm of the seasons and cosmic shifts, finding solace in rest becomes not just a choice but a gentle necessity. As Mama Earth embraces the darkness of winter, we too can honor this quietude, allowing ourselves to align with the natural flow of the season. In this blog post, we explore the significance of rest, particularly as we navigate the collective energies on our planet.

  1. Embracing the Seasonal Alignment:As winter’s chill envelops the land, Mama Earth invites us to follow suit. It’s okay to rest, to turn inward, and to honor the darkness within. Recognize that aligning with the season is a gift to your well-being.
  2. Pluto in Aquarius: A Cosmic Call to Alignment:The celestial dance of Pluto moving into Aquarius signals a profound call to align with our best and highest good. Embrace this cosmic energy by granting yourself the gift of downtime. Use this period for reflection and recalibration.
  3. Collective Squeeze: The Need for Rest Amplified:In the midst of global shifts and the aftermath of events like COVID-19, it feels like a collective squeeze on our energies. Now, more than ever, rest is a crucial balm for our nervous systems. It’s an act of self-care that ripples into collective well-being.
  4. Nature’s Restorative Embrace:One of the most potent ways to reset your nervous system is by immersing yourself in nature. Even a few minutes outdoors each day can work wonders. Connect with the land, feel the grounding energy of trees, and let the earth’s soothing embrace replenish your spirit.
  5. Pets as Companions in Rest:The simple act of snuggling with your pets carries profound therapeutic benefits. The unconditional love they offer and the calm energy they emanate can be a powerful antidote to stress. Allow yourself moments of pure connection with your furry friends.


In a world that often glorifies perpetual motion, the wisdom lies in acknowledging the potency of rest. As Pluto beckons us toward alignment and the collective energies press, nurturing your nervous system becomes an act of self-love and resilience. Embrace the season, heed the cosmic call, and find solace in the restorative arms of nature and the companionship of your pets. This winter, let harmony reign as you honor the gentle art of resting. And remember, here at Root to Rise we offer a Meditation Space with suggested Guided Meditations to listen to while you’re here. Please stop by to explore or ask any questions.