Boost Your Fitness Goals this First False Spring in NYS with

Root to Rise & BTL Non-Invasive Treatments

In Upstate New York, the arrival of False Spring brings sunny motivation to kickstart your fitness journey, especially for our running friends gearing up for the Wine Glass Marathon. Root to Rise has the perfect solution to elevate your fitness goals: BTL Non-Invasive Treatments, including the revolutionary Emsculpt. Discover how this cutting-edge treatment can enhance your fitness program and prepare you for peak performance.

Emsculpt: Targeted Strength Building for Fitness Enthusiasts

Unleash the power of Emsculpt, a game-changer in non-invasive treatments. This technology specifically targets hard-to-isolate areas of the body, complementing your gym workouts. Emsculpt goes beyond aesthetics, building muscle strength to help prevent injuries and give you the fitness boost you’ve been seeking.

Trainer Jeremy from Journey Fitness Corning 33 attests to the effectiveness of Emsculpt. After just one core treatment, he reported really feeling it. Emsculpt is designed to increase muscle mass, making it an excellent addition to your fitness regimen.

Proven Results: Studies on Sports Teams

BTL Treatments, including Emsculpt, have gained popularity among sports teams during their off-season. Studies have shown that these treatments effectively build muscle, providing athletes with a competitive edge when they return to training and competition. Now, you can access the same technology to elevate your own fitness goals. These treatments have been used by athletes such as Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, Rob Gronkowski of Tampa Bay, and Deebo Samuel of the 49ers.

Comprehensive Fitness Support: Journey Fitness and Confluence Running

For your regimented gym needs, Root to Rise highly recommends Journey Fitness in Corning, NY. Their dedicated trainers and comprehensive programs align perfectly with our holistic approach to wellness. Take advantage of their expertise to enhance your overall fitness journey.

When it comes to footwear needs, we highly recommend Confluence Running, our neighbor here on Market Street in Corning, NY. Proper footwear is crucial for any fitness endeavor, and Confluence Running offers expert advice and a wide selection to ensure you’re equipped for success.

Jump-Start Your Fitness Goals this First False Spring

Don’t wait for the official spring to make strides in your fitness journey. Seize the opportunity presented by these sunny days in Upstate NY and jump-start your goals with Root to Rise’s BTL Non-Invasive Treatments. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, Emsculpt can be the boost you need to achieve your desired results.

Experience the transformation and embrace the motivation that comes with this First False Spring. Visit Root to Rise for a holistic approach to fitness, and let BTL Treatments propel you toward your health and wellness goals. It’s time to embrace the energy of “false spring” and make significant strides in your fitness journey.

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