Beating the Holiday Blues: Root to Rise’s Guide to Navigating the Upcoming Season

As the holiday season approaches and daylight-saving time steals away precious sunlight, many of us find ourselves plunging into a season marked by stress and often, seasonal depression. The Finger Lakes region of New York, with its stunning landscapes, may offer beautiful scenery, but its long, dark winters can cast a shadow on our moods.

At Root to Rise Wellness Center, we understand the challenges that this time of year can bring. But don’t despair; we’ve gathered some practical tips to help you navigate the holiday season and combat seasonal depression disorder. Let’s explore how you can embrace the season with resilience and well-being.

1.Check Your Vitamin D Levels

The decrease in sunlight can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked to mood disorders. Consider having your vitamin D and other levels checked by Jennifer Share, our Resident Mid-Wife. Jennifer can even discuss supplements if necessary. Ensuring you have adequate vitamin D can have a significant impact on your mood and energy levels. Low Vitamin D is linked to mood disorders and dozens of other disorders.

 To schedule with Jennifer Share please give us a call at 607 377 6832

2.Embrace Light Therapy

When natural sunlight is in short supply, light therapy can be a powerful ally. Light therapy lamps mimic natural sunlight and can help combat seasonal depression. These lamps are readily available and can provide a mood-boosting, sun-like glow to brighten your days. Most experts recommend lamps with an intensity of 10,000 lux for effective light therapy.

3.Manage Anxiety with Breathing and Meditation

The holiday season can be anxiety-inducing, but there are practical tools to manage stress. Square breathing is a simple technique to help calm your mind. Inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for four, exhale for four, and hold again for four. Repeat this cycle as needed to regain a sense of calm.

Meditation is another fantastic way to find inner peace amidst the holiday rush. Take a few minutes each day to sit quietly, focus on your breath, and let go of the chaos. Meditation can help you stay centered and grounded during this hectic time. Consider coming in to use our Meditation Space. Give us a call to ask for specific availability at 607 377 6832

4.Meet Shannah Warwick: Our Energy Worker

At Root to Rise Wellness Center, we’re fortunate to have Shannah Warwick, our Energy Worker. Shannah specializes in helping clients who identify as empathic navigate energetic boundaries, a skill that’s especially valuable during the family gatherings and social events that often mark the holiday season.

Shannah also teaches techniques for “finding neutral,” a tool that’s invaluable when dealing with stress and conflict. Her guidance will help you maintain your inner light, no matter how challenging the situation.

To schedule with Shannah please click HERE

5.Tracy Daggett, offering Tuning Fork Healing Sessions

Did you know that within 30 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to stretch a muscle), you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation through the use of Biosonic Body Tuners? Tracy, our Tuning Fork Practitioner, uses a combination of C and G tones to create a “perfect fifth.” Our bodies combine these tones into one bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. What a way to start the Holiday season!

To work with Tracy please email


The holiday season doesn’t have to be a time of stress and seasonal depression. By following these tips and incorporating the wisdom and guidance offered by Jennifer Share, Shannah Warwick, and Tracy Daggett at Root to Rise Wellness Center, you can find your way to a more peaceful, grounded, and joyous holiday season.

With a focus on self-care and the support of caring professionals, you can embrace the magic of the season while nurturing your emotional well-being. This year, let’s make the holiday season one filled with warmth, light, and love.